WBC 2015

Women and Youth Empowerment Network, WOYEN, invites you to participate in her
2nd International African Women Capacity Building Program tagged:

“Women Building Communities”

When: November 23rd -27th, 2015
Where: Holiday Inn, Commercial Road, London, United Kingdom

Women Building Communities” is an International African Women Capacity Building intervention aimed at developing and enhancing the participation of African women in community development.

It aims to encourage women in African communities to be involved in community development projects and to persuade African women in diaspora and those in leadership positions to support community women by working with them on projects that will bring about positive changes to the lives of ordinary people within the communities.

Our vision with this project is to see “Community transformation led by inspired and skilled women”.

This international gathering of women will address issues affecting women, youths, development and MDGs and create opportunity for development organizations to meet and network with these women who are tools for change.

 “Until women around the world are accorded their rights and afforded the opportunities of education, health care and gainful employment, global progress and prosperity will have its own glass ceiling.”       -Hillary Clinton

 “In the battle against hunger and poverty, women, especially rural women, most certainly hold up the heavier half.” -David A Harcharik, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations


Join women from all over Africa and other parts of the World at the International Women Capacity Building Project.

Women Building Communities

Why You Should Attend


  •  A unique platform to access hands on training and develop skills needed to generate and successfully deliver community based projects that will address issues affecting women and youths, development and MDGs;
  • Business/Social Networking Sessions;
  • Special Networking Session with African Women in Diaspora;
  • Business Partnership Opportunities;
  • Opportunity to meet and network with development organizations;
  • Participating in inspiring and motivating interactive sessions;
  • Listening and Learning from Experts in Community Development;
  • Automatic Membership of WOYEN-Networking Group;


We believe that a strategic partnership will be mutually beneficial to us and partner organizations.

Partner organization:

  • Will be prominently featured in front of a crowd of an estimate 150 women and organizations, many of whom are key women from all over the globe, private and public organizations, business and community women from different parts of Africa;
  • Will be supporting an initiative which will have global impact;
  • Partner organization partnership/sponsorship goes beyond the initial event and will be associated throughout the year at WBC Lead Up events;
  • It will indicate partner organization’s commitment to people oriented community development projects.
  • Will serve as a mobilizing factor that will enhance the participation of partner’s community women in development projects.
  • Through this international skills acquisition program, partner organization will not only be giving positive life changing opportunities to beneficiaries, the tickled effect of this will be felt across your communities down to the grassroots as the project is designed to inspire and support participants to engage in specific community development initiatives based on the peculiar need of their communities.

We belief that to truly alleviate poverty from Africa, address issues affecting women, youths, development and MDGs;  women, grassroots women included, will have to be involved, since women always get things done.

It’s Up to Women and Women are Up to It!